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Try the “LENNY” Downpipe Water Diverter

FREE water for all swimming pool owners, water tank owners and keen gardeners.

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  • Catch rain water off your roof before it disappears down your drain forever.
  • Divert your rain water to fill your water tank, swimming pool or to your garden for a good deep soaking.
  • 100% Invented, Designed & Manufactured in Australia.
  • Approved by the Water Services Association of Australia

PLEASE NOTE: The rectangular Lenny is no longer available. The round Lenny will fit to any drainpipe using a converter if necessary.

Why buy the “Lenny” Downpipe Rainwater Diverter?

There are many water diverters on the market now and they all serve a particular purpose for which they were manufactured. The original “Lenny” was the first water diverter on the market and it has been purpose built to fill swimming pools with rain water. Our “New” Lenny improves on this by now having a removable outlet so it can divert every single drop to a water tank as well as a swimming pool, fish pond and garden.


Because we all want to promote an environmentally friendly and sustainable world, why don’t you catch water that would normally go to waste, stop authorities from even speaking about recycling sewage, save a precious resource, set a good example, save money, help your country and feel good about yourself.

lenny-rainwater-diverter-diagram-roundLenny logo - Catch every dropThe following table is an example illustrating:

  1. The amount of rainwater in litres collected in a swimming pool from a 12mm rainfall
  2. How much the water level is raised in the pool from that rainfall.
  3. The difference in litres and millimetres when you catch and divert the rain water utilising the Lenny.

This calculation is based on 3 different sized pools after 12mm of rain with an average roof of 180 sq metres.

Not using the Lenny Using the Lenny
Pool size in metres Yield in litres Raised water level Yield in litres Raised water level
7 x 3 252 12mm 2412 127mm
6 x 5 360 12mm 2520 96mm
9 x 4 432 12mm 2592 84mm

The following graph illustrates how much more the water level is raised in the above rainfall by simply catching your roof water.

Pool water retention graph - Save water in your swimming pool

Train your garden to grow!

Remember when your pool is full, divert the water to your garden for a good soaking.

At all times, but most importantly when water restrictions are in force, the right amount of water in the correct place will result in a much better garden and lusher lawns.

A common error is to water gardens too frequently.

It is important to train plants to cope with periods of low rainfall. All too often we endeavour to water our plants on a daily basis which leads to poor root development and great susceptibility to even short dry periods.

Deep/thorough watering of the soil will result in less water used overall to maintain your plants in a healthy condition. Deep/thorough watering is really only necessary every two weeks or even once a month.

By utilising the “Lenny” downpipe water diverter you can accomplish this deep/thorough watering by simply diverting your rain water onto your lawn or garden and allowing it to soak down deep into the soil. How many times has it rained for twenty minutes or so and only just wet the surface of our ground?

Use the “Lenny” and have the best garden around.