About the Lenny

Lenny logoThe Lenny downpipe water diverter is an attractive, unobtrusive, Australian invention, designed to save water in our hot climate – and it works!

In the words of Dorothea Mackellar

I love a sunburnt country,
a land of sweeping plains,
of ragged mountain ranges,
of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons;
I love her jewel-sea,
her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me!

Yes, we have always suffered droughts and water shortages, and most probably always will because we live on the driest continent on earth! What’s more, our population is growing at a very rapid rate and we are not going to cope with our water resources as well as we did in the past.

Water has become one of our scarcest resources and is poised to become very expensive.

Water restrictions have become more commonplace and in many places restrictions are staying in place even though our dams are full or close to full. Those restrictions will become more severe and remain in force for longer periods as long as we refuse to “catch” our water.

Water conservation is now a key public policy issue.

Depending where you live, an average home swimming pool that contains around 50,000 litres of water will lose almost its entire contents of water to evaporation, leaks and over-cleaning in just one year.

If it rains tonight where will your rain water go?

round-lenny-with-pipeRain fall that adds say 10mm of water to a swimming pool can be multiplied five or six times or more (depending on how big your house is) by simply catching and diverting the water flowing down your downpipes.

Imagine catching the pure clean rainwater rather than watching it just disappear into our streets and out to the oceans.

This is what the Lenny will do for you.

How does it work?