How It Works

The Lenny water diverter is a very simple, safe, strong and effective water saving device.

How the Lenny water diverter worksA gate system within the Lenny can be opened to allow rain water to flow down and out to the stormwater drains or the gate can be closed so the rain water is redirected to your pool, garden, pond or tank etc.

Once the Lenny is installed:

  1. Fit one end of a standard pool vacuum hose over the outlet.
  2. Put the other end in your pool or your pool skimmer box. (Take care not to allow the hose to enter the water of your pool or pond as that will cause back pressure and the water will not flow well.)
  3. Flick the lever to close the Lenny’s gate and water is immediately diverted.

It’s as SIMPLE as that !

Includes a safety overflow outlet.

The Lenny is attractive, unobtrusive and paintable.

Made from Ultra Tough UV stabilised ABS plastic.

Will it fit my downpipe?

The round Lenny will fit a 90mm round downpipe perfectly & only takes seconds to install.
Square to Round Water Diverter
The round Lenny will fit all other downpipes using converters readily available at good plumbing stores.


All easily painted to match your downpipe!

Calculating your pool or spa size

Good to remember this – One cubic metre equals 1,000 litres.

For a rectangular pool: Multiply the Width x Length x Depth of your pool x 1000 litres

For example, a pool that is seven metres wide and five metres in length with an average depth of say 1.5 metres then you would calculate as follows:

(7 x 5 x 1.5) x 1000 litres = 52,500 litres

Round Swimming Pool

For a round pool: Multiply (Πr2 x Depth) x 1000 litres


Note that Π (pi) = 3.14, and the radius equals the distance from the edge of your pool to the dead centre of your pool (or half the diameter). See diagram at right.

For example a pool that has a radius of 2 metres and an average depth of 0.5 metre, you would calculate as follows:

(3.14 x 2 x 2 x 0.5) x 1,000 litres = 6280 litres.

Installation process:

The following photos show the rectangular Lenny which is no longer available. The installation process using the round Lenny is equivalent.

Installation instructions

  1. Locate a downpipe near to your swimming pool. (Preferably one that catches water from a large area of your roof and one that is close enough for your pool vacuum hose to reach).
  2. Pick a place on your downpipe where you want to install the “Lenny” and cut out a 240mm section in length.
  3. Slide the top section of the “Lenny” up over your cut downpipe.
  4. Now slide the main body down into the lower section of the downpipe and pull the top section down.
  5. The “Lenny” is now ready to be used.
  • The “Lenny” is UV stabilised at point of manufacture. Nevertheless we recommend that it is painted to ensure maximum protection from the sun and of course to make it aesthetically pleasing.
  • When you want to use the “Lenny” simply push one end of your pool vacuum hose on to the outlet pipe and turn the lever to “SAVE”.